Solution to Solutions

Our expertise is broad with key members medical & IT professionals. This gives us an in-depth ability to formulate medical systems on an IT backbone.

mHealth & eHealth

We develop mobile healthcare solutions, e-prescription solutions and electronic health & medical records systems. We are currently developing two mobile applications for the healthcare industry. Together with, we created Sri Lanka’s first and only continuing medical education website. We developed the IT backbone and created audio-visual content for medical professionals.

e Learning Solutions

Together with Shaded Peanut Productions, we produce eLearning content and electronic learning platforms to educate students and staff. eLearning assists in staff training by providing high quality content repetitively to staff. Together with Examfeet, we can automate staff assessment on their mobile phone with your private labelled mobile app. Industries that benefit are pharmaceutical and corporates who need to impart the same information over and over again to new staff.

Healthcare Consultancy & Analytics

We advise on:
Medical Transcription (Clinical Documentation) E- & m-Health Solutions Marketing Strategies: Traditional & Digital

Medical, Pharmaceutical Translations & Clinical Documentation

In line with CDDA requirements pharmaceutical instructions need to be written in all three languages including English, Sinhala & Tamil. We can assist with translations. We also offer medical transcription & clinical documentation services

Clients & Partners

Examples of our clients and partners:


Shaded Peanut Post Production specialised in creating high quality video content for media, web and mobile applications.


Web portal exclusive for medical professionals facilitating continuous medical and distance learning, making academic events and materials available for doctors online.


Asian International Academy is a unique educational establishment with three core values at heart Innovation, Equality and Contemporary. AIA offers you the opportunity to read for following Local and International academic programs and many more.

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